MaguirePharmacy is owned by Dr. Terry Maguire, who now has twenty years experience in community pharmacy. Dr. Terry Maguire is recognised as a pioneer in the development of pharmacy services in the UK and beyond. In the mid 1980s he developed a model service for pharmacists in screening for raised cholestrol. In the early 1990s he developed the PAS smoking programme that has helped many hundreds of smokers to quit. This smoking cessation programme is now used throughout the UK, in the Republic of Ireland and Internationally.

We dispense both NHS and private prescriptions, and our pharmacists can tell you about them and how to use them safely.

We will take back unwanted medicines and will dispose of them for you. A pharmacist is available to talk to you in confidence about common illnesses and healthcare and you will find leaflets in pharmacy to give you information on all sorts of health topics.

We aim to give the best possible service and always welcome your comments - if you are unhappy please tell us. Comments about NHS services are also dealt with by the Eastern Health and Social Services Security Board. Contact the Director of Pharmacy 028 9032 1313.

The list here shows some of our shows products and services.

Ask the pharmacist for details

- Prescription Collection Service
- Managing Your Medicines
- Computerised Patient Records
- Pregnancy Testing
- Cholesterol Testing
- Blood Sugar Monitoring & Equipment
- Confidential Advice Area
- Oxygen Therapy Equipment
- Residential & Nursing Homes Service
- Stop Smoking Service
- Blood Pressure Monitoring
- Nebulisers & Advice
- Medical Equipment Specialist

- Family Toiletries
- Baby Needs
- Cosmetics & Skin Care
- Passport Photographs
- Quality Photo Processing


To optimise our customers' and our community's health through the promotion of safe, effective and rational medicine use, provisions of health advice and monitoring of disease within a profitable business enterprise.

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